Juergen Dankwort, Ph.D.

moi-NewDenverDr. Dankwort is Director of the Institute on Victimization and Social Injustice (IVSI) who has taught social work and sociology at the University of Quebec, the Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston in Texas, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia.Dr. Dankwort’s career in social work is built upon a decade of social change activism in both the anti-war/nuclear disarmament and anti-poverty movements. After obtaining his bachelor degree in social work (BSW) from McGill University (Montreal, Canada), he worked as a child protection caseworker and family counsellor. His masters in social work (MSW) from the same institution explored the requirements and impositions placed upon the social work profession functioning within the adversarial North American industrial relations system.Juergen was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and traveled extensively for much of his life. He attended school and/or worked in Brazil, French and English Canada, and the United States. He speaks three languages and benefits from all the personal growth of repeated acculturation which came with every move.He continued his work as a practitioner with families, couples and individuals and received a Ph.D in social work from the University of Montreal in 1994 which explored counsellors’ perceptions on wife abuse. Informed through his internship with EMERGE, a men’s counseling service in Massachusetts (U.S.A.), and the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program situated in Minnesota (U.S.A.), he designed and implemented the first batterers’ intervention programs in Quebec based upon feminist principles which focus on perpetrator accountability and victim/survivor safety.

Juergen has also served as a resource person with various policy-making organizations and government committees, including the (Quebec) Conseil du statut de la femme, the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women, and the Canadian Council on Social Development. He has given dozens of presentations and workshops, provided staff development training, and has published extensively in several countries on intervention with domestic violence perpetrators. Since his move to Texas, he has served with the domestic violence council of greater Houston as well as the Texas Council on Family Violence.

Research conducted by Juergen has specialized in evaluating programs for domestic violence offenders using qualitative methods and survey work. Jointly with Juliet Austin, M.A., he conducted the first national surveys in Canada and the U.S.on the prevalence, content, and implications of standards for domestic violence offender programs. These findings have been published in leading journals in both countries. More recently, with colleagues at the Graduate School of Social Work (University of Houston), he has conducted a major statewide consumer audit of domestic violence resources in collaboration with the Texas Council on Family Violence, and an institutionally-based sex offender treatment program in Harris County (Juvenile Probation Department). Dr. Dankwort most recently completed a safety audit of domestic violence resources in New Westminster, British Columbia and is working on an anthology of innovative practices with domestic violence offenders participating in psycho-social intervention programs. In collaboration with the (U.S.) Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Dr. Dankwort plans to replicate an earlier study of program standards working with domestically violent offenders in 2004. More information to follow.

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